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İnternet alışkanlıkları ile ilgili paragraf

Bazı okuyucularım internet alışkanlıkları ile ilgili İngilizce paragraf isteğinde bulundular. Buna istinaden kısa bir paragraf hazırladım. Bu hem paragraf internet ile ilgili bir essay içinde de kullanılabilir.

The internet has become a part of our lives. Many people use the Internet regularly both for fun and entertainment. Due to frequent use of the Internet, people have developed a number of internet habits. The most prominent habit is browsing social media sites. Both young and old people check their social media accounts regularly. Another internet habit is listening to music online on websites such as YouTube and Spotify. The last habit is searching everything online. When we have a question, we google it to find an answer. Internet habits might help people have fun and learn new things yet they also cause a waste of time.


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