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Cost & Benefit (Read + Listen)

#EvdeKal İngilizce serisinin bu dersinde Cost & Benefit Analysis metnini ele alıyoruz.

Cost & Benefit

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Costs and Benefits

The concept of costs and benefits is related to the rational expectations and rational choices of consumers. In every situation, people try to maximize their benefits while minimizing their costs.

If demand for beer is high, breweries will hire more employees to make more beer, but only if the price of beer and the amount of beer they are selling justify the additional costs of their salary and the materials needed to brew more beer. Similarly, the consumer will buy the best beer they can afford to purchase, but not, perhaps, the best-tasting beer in the store.

The concept of costs and benefits is applicable to other decisions that are not related to financial transactions. University students perform cost-benefit analyses on a daily basis by choosing to focus on certain courses that they’ve deemed more important for their success. Sometimes this even means cutting the time they spend studying for courses that they see as less necessary.

Although economics assumes that people are generally rational, many of the decisions that humans make are actually very emotional and do not maximize our own benefit. For example, the field of advertising preys on the tendency of humans to act non-rationally. Commercials try to activate the emotional centers of our brain and fool us into overestimating the benefits of a given item.




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