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7 Habits (Write + Speak)

#EvdeKal İngilizce serisinin bu dersinde 7 Habits of Highly Successful People kitabı ile ilgili bir okuyucu yorumu üzerinden yazma ve konuşma alıştırmalarımızı tamamlıyoruz.

7 Habits (Write + Speak)


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  • countless people
  • dumbfounded
  • to shift your thinking
  • to harness that little spark inside of you
  • a proactive attitude
  • Countless people attended the funeral of the Prime Minister.
  • In order to increase your odds of success, you need to shift your thinking around this subject.
  • Teachers can help their students in harnessing their potential.


Soruya Cevap

Which habits contribute to success?

I think there are various habits that contribute to a person’s success. However, personally, I think the most important habits are discipline, gratitude and hard work. Without discipline and hard-work, it is very difficult to move ahead because success requires a lot of effort and sacrifice. Additionally gratitude helps a person appreciate his/her efforts and progress and thus contributes personal fulfillment.



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  • Countless people are waiting in line to get into the museum 
  • When I saw the explosion video on television I was dumbfounded.
  • In order to appeal to young learners, teachers need to shift their thinking around new subjects.

Soruya Cevap

Which is more important? Intelligence or Discipline?

I think what matters in life is discipline because there are a lot of people who are intelligent but intelligence without discipline or hard word does not really amount to anything because there are many people who are intelligent but who are lazy to do anything. They are too lazy. There are many people who are really intelligent but who do not pursue their skills and who do not really use their potential therefore, intelligence is like a gas but you need to put it in a car and you need to move to make use of it. Therefore I think the most important skill is discipline, the most important habit is discipline because even if you’re not very smart, even if you’re not very bright, with discipline and hardwork you can advance your skills, your career and you can really accomplish great things and it takes a lot of discipline but eventually I think discipline over the long-term beats intelligence but if you’re intelligent and disciplined at the same time I think that’s a great combination and you can achieve a lot more than the average person.