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İngilizce Cümle Analiz #10

İngilizce Cümle Analiz serisinin 10. dersinde listenaminute.com sitesinden seçtiğim Disability yani Engellilik konulu İngilizce bir paragrafı adım adım inceliyoruz.

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  • I think disability can be a difficult thing to understand. – çeviri – birebir mi yoksa anlam
  • It’s a word that means many different things.
  • A disability can affect people’s body, intelligence and emotions.
  • It makes it more difficult for people to do everyday things properly.
  • Disabled people might tell us something different.
  • Many people with disabilities show us how strong the human spirit is.
  • How strong is the human spirit?
  • There are so many people who have been badly injured in accidents, or who were disabled from birth, who are world-class athletes or excel in other areas.
  • It must be hard to deal with disability if it comes to you suddenly.
  • In richer countries, there are support systems to help these people.
  • In poorer countries, they can have a really tough time.
  • Hopefully this will change one day.

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